Can’t tell you how happy I am with the car.

In 2001 I drove to Chicago for the Corvair Society of America, CORSA International Convention. I scored a 90.49 in the Concours D’elegance, which was a Silver and good for seventh from all the cars. Every car that placed ahead of me was a garage queen, trailered to the event, and then cleaned with a toothbrush. It was my first concours and I had no idea what I was doing. The day before I ran at a high speed race track and placed top car with street tires. That’s after driving for 30 hours and showing up 1 hour before race inspections.

In 2002 I won best of show in the largest Western Canada Corvair event- Western Canada CORSA (the host) Corvairitis Treatment Day ’02.

In 2005, I drove to Portland and scored higher in the Concours at the CORSA nationals than before.

Thanks again for the great job!


1968 Corvair 2113 1968 Corvair112


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