1957 Chevy

2006 Camaro Club & Friends

Best in Show


1968 Corvair


Can’t tell you how happy I am with the car.

In 2001 I drove to Chicago for the Corvair Society of America, CORSA International Convention.  I scored a 90.49 in the Concours D’elegance, which was a Silver and good for seventh from all the cars.  Every car that placed ahead of me was a garage queen, trailered to the event, and then cleaned with a toothbrush.  It was my first concours and I had no idea what I was doing.  The day before I ran at a high speed race track and placed top car with street tires.  That’s after driving for 30 hours and showing up 1 hour before race inspections.

In 2002 I won best of show in the largest Western Canada Corvair event- Western Canada CORSA (the host) Corvairitis Treatment Day ’02.

In 2005, I drove to Portland and scored higher in the Concours at the CORSA nationals than before.

Thanks again for the great job!


1968 Corvair112 1968 Corvair 2113

1955 GMC

Painted in 1996 –

2006 Edmonton Powerama Show
Best of Show – Truck
1st Place  – Original Restored Truck
1st place in 2006 Red Deer Car Show

Nisbet, You are always welcome to use my name as a reference for any new customers . This is the least I can do for yourself and the shop. Your workmanship on my truck and all the long hours will not be forgotten.  Thanks for the excellent job, Bryan.

HPIM1043 HPIM1044 HPIM1045 HPIM1077 HPIM1088 HPIM1089 Mail0004


Thanks for the great job you did restoring my Amphicar.  I have been having great fun with it here in Saskatchewan.  Your workmanship is impeccable.  Thanks again.


66 Amphicar 1091 66 Amphicar 2092 66 Amphicar 3093 66 Amphicar 4094

1968 Firebird …

Nisbet, Thanks so much for the great job you did restoring my Firebird. I am very happy with the appraisal of $90,000 from a local appraiser. The appraiser said this is the nicest Firebird he has ever seen. I have to agree. Thanks.










1969 Camaro

Nisbet,  As you know, this car was painted over 15 years ago.  After bringing it back in for a polish, I can honestly say that it looks as good now as it did when you first finished the car.  Thanks for the great job.  Devno


1961 Corvette

Nisbet,  I just wanted to say you did a great job again restoring my Corvette.  I was totally impressed with the job you did on my Camaro and you have not let me down on this restoration.  I certainly appreciate your reliability in the quality of work done.





1968 Olds Cutlass

Nisbet,  I have owned this car since it was new and with the suspension updates it handles better now than it ever did.  I had lots of fun testing it on 90 degree corners.  It looks great again, too.  Thanks, Blair

1968 Olds Cutlass 2108 1968 Olds Cutlass 3109 1968 Olds Cutlass107